My Gum Recession Analyzer

Gum recession: Do you have it? Are you susceptible? Are you at risk?

Take the test and find out now.
Instantly get your personal susceptibility score and action plan.

It’s free and easy: no gimmicks, no hype, and no product to buy.

It’s private: no personally identifying information collected, completely anonymous, and no cookies.


My Gum Recession Analyzer has 3 main objectives:

  1. To help you discover gum recession conditions that are fairly easy to self-assess.
  2. To educate you about common susceptibility factors and risk exposures associated with gingival (gum) recession.
  3. To assist your thinking about if, and how, you want to deal with your gum recession.

My Gum Recession Analyzer is the unprecedented evidence-based online gum recession tool developed by Dr. George K. Merijohn for use by both the healthcare profession and the public. Take the test and you’ll quickly increase your knowledge and gain confidence about what to do about your gums.

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