KIWImethod® Hands on Workshop: Minimally Invasive Autogenous Gingival Grafting

Continuing education with George K. Merijohn DDS

KIWImethod Workshop is what you’ve been looking for to gain a solid foundation in evaluating, planning and predictably treating gingival recession

Gingival recession is part of everyday dentistry yet it presents some of the most challenging treatment considerations dentists face. Fear of postsurgical pain, bleeding, and sometimes unpredictable results associated with conventional gingival grafting surgery can cause dentists to hesitate in treatment.

The KIWImethod Gingival Grafting Workshop is the engine for change you’ve been looking for to learn minimally-invasive, practical, and proven gingival grafting for root coverage and non-root coverage.

Developed and taught Dr. Merijohn, a widely recognized leading clinician and educator in periodontics, KIWImethod is evidenced based, innovative, and unprecedented. You learn practical and predictable methodology that increases clinical effectiveness, enhances long-term patient value and reinvents the way you look at and manage gingival recession.

Kiwi workshop
Kiwi workshop

In “master class” style clinic sessions, Dr. Merijohn teaching periodontal residents and faculty KIWImethod minimally invasive surgery techniques and protocols at the University of Washington and UC San Francisco.

Learn skills in this leading edge workshop that you can implement into your practice right away. Experience the method that will help you exceed your patients’ expectations, and yours.

Kiwi Workshop

The hands-on learning gives you a solid foundation in evaluating, planning and predictably treating gingival recession. Learn what to avoid and when not to do surgery. Practical exercises in surgical technique are combined with critical appraisal and transformative communication skills that boost treatment acceptance.

KIWImethod is a proven approach used to train postdoctoral periodontal residents in precision gingival grafting techniques.

This pioneering training method uses fresh Kiwi fruit for recipient site preparation: amazingly realistic and challenging! No conventional cadavers, raw pig jaws or synthetic models are used in this workshop – what you learn can actually be practiced at home the next day.

“George, I want to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed myself in your KIWI course! It was a fun afternoon for me and I was quite surprised at how well the Kiwi fruit mimicked the feel of gingival surgery! You did an excellent job teaching the course and your energy and enthusiasm definitely kept the attendees motivated!

James MacDonald
Edmonton, Alberta

You will learn:

  • Practical recipient site preparation for root coverage and non-root coverage outcomes
  • Special techniques for minimally invasive autogenous graft harvest from the tuberosity and premaxilla palatal zone
  • Predictable suturing techniques and time-tested postoperative protocols

Allergy Alert: Fresh Kiwi fruit used in workshop

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KIWImethod Overview

kiwi method screen shot

Faculty: George K. Merijohn, DDS

Dr. George Merijohn

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