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Aerosol Free Dentistry: Thrive Delivering Safer Therapy

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The Covid-19 Pandemic made a significant negative impact on Dental Health Care Professionals (DHCP) and their patients because it shined a bright light on dental aerosol generating procedures (AGP) and their disease transmission risks due to contaminated aerosol. It baked risk avoidance into the collective psyche for the foreseeable future especially because the disease spreads from people who don’t show symptoms. The public was indoctrinated for months about dental office contaminated aerosol risks – risks that will certainly continue for years to come in the Covid-19 Endemic Era.

Dental practice business volumes decreased due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and practice changes are forecasted to continue for years as the disease shifts to an endemic respiratory virus disease. Major reasons include increased time, equipment and labor required for room preparation and disinfection procedures between patients, and treatment concerns of those patients who are genuinely worried about disease transmission risks associated with aerosol in the dental office.

Patients do not want exposure to contamination and disease transmission risk from going to the dentist and more than ever before, discriminating patients are demanding more safety and less risk exposure.  Creating a distinctively safer working environment attracts, keeps and motivates high quality DHCP.

By thinking about dental practice differently, the dental team can reduce and even eliminate disease transmitting contaminated aerosol permanently. Attend this seminar and position your practice for the Covid-19 Pandemic Era and beyond. Explore practical, time-tested aerosol-free and aerosol-reduced methodologies. Check out what is on the horizon. Discover ways to distinguish your practice in the community as one focused not only on managing contaminated dental aerosol, but actually preventing it in the first place.

Dr. Merijohn successfully addressed contaminated aerosol production in the dental office as early as 1994 and has years of experience implementing methodologies, increasing efficiencies, decreasing overhead costs, building patient confidence and predictably increasing patient referrals. An invited author on evidence-based disease transmission risk solutions for dentistry, his articles have been published in peer-reviewed journals since 1997. Dr. Merijohn has been featured on ABC 20/20 demonstrating how dentistry can implement practical effective measures to reduce aerosol disease transmission risks.

Learning Objectives

  • Review the major dental AGP and explore the alternatives
  • Understand the dental office sources of dental aerosol contamination and how these can be mitigated
  • Discover how to give your practice a competitive edge with aerosol-free and aerosol-reduced methodologies
Dr. George Merijohn

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