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Dr. Merijohn’s Seminars & Workshops provide solid, fundamental concepts, evidence-based treatment planning and proven steps for achieving predictable clinical results in your practice.

Thrive! Produce Less Aerosol, Deliver Safer Therapy

Contaminated aerosol isn’t safe and leading-edge practices not only try to keep it from spreading – they also strive to prevent producing it in the first place.

Sound, time-tested, no-nonsense methodology matters. Now is the time to give your practice the competitive edge it needs.

Discover the key steps you can immediately implement to maximize dental team safety, attract top dental team members, exceed patient expectations, and increase practice volume.

Length: 2-hours & 3-hours

Management and Prevention of Gingival Recession: The Interactive Seminar

You work hard to perfect your patients esthetic zone and want to keep it that way. You want to avoid your patients having gingival recession in the first place or if already treated, want to keep it from coming back.

Gain confidence and remove the confusion surrounding gingival recession in your practice.

Increase the scope of your practice services with management and prevention of gingival recession.

Length: 3 hours

KIWImethod® Hands-on Workshop Minimally Invasive Autogenous Gingival Grafting

Gingival recession is part of everyday dentistry yet it presents some of the most challenging treatment considerations dentists face. Fear of postsurgical pain, bleeding, and sometimes unpredictable results associated with conventional gingival grafting surgery can cause dentists to hesitate in treatment.

KIWImethod Workshop is the engine for change you’ve been looking for to learn minimally-invasive, practical, and proven gingival grafting for root coverage and non-root coverage.

Length: 3 hours

Gingival Grafting Mandibular Anterior Lingual & Minimally Invasive Tissue Harvest

You already know there’s a vast untapped potential for gingival recession therapy.

Are you looking for ways to energize and expand your practice? Do you want to further your knowledge in mandibular anterior lingual grafting and minimally invasive autogenous tissue harvesting?

Gain skills you can immediately put into your practice. Experience the methods that will help you exceed your patients’ expectations and yours.

Length: 3-hours


Upcoming Conferences

Dr. Merijohn’s seminars and workshops have been presented at:

American Academy of Periodontology Annual Session

American Dental Association Annual Sessions

Arizona Society of Periodontists

Association des Parontistes du Quebec

Calgary District Dental Society

California Dental Association Annual Session

California Society of Periodontists

Canadian Academy of Periodontology Annual Meeting

Canadian Dental Association Annual Meeting

Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meetings

Dalhousie University

Florida Dental Association Convention

Fraser Valley Dental Society

Greater New York Dental Meeting

Journées Dentaires Internationales du Québec

Newfoundland and Labrador Dental Association Annual Meeting

Ontario Dental Association Annual Spring Meeting

Ontario Society of Periodontists Scientific Session

Oregon State Dental Association Annual Scientific Session

Pacific Dental Conference

Star of the North-Minnesota Dental Association Annual Scientific Session

Texas Dental Meeting

University of California San Francisco

University of Washington

Western Society of Periodontology

“I learned more about recession in 6 hours from George than I have in 34 years of practicing dentistry.”

Dr. Jack Thousand
Aurora, Colorado

Texas Dental Association: Q&A with Dr George Merijohn

Oregon Dental Assocation: Q&A with Dr George Merijohn

Dr. George Merijohn

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