Innovative, science-based, practical and results oriented

George is passionate about knowledge sharing.

Private Interactive Seminars and Workshops

Invite George into your practice for intensive one-on-one training tailored to the needs of solo practitioners, group practices or study clubs. Advisory topics include:

  • Customized continuing education courses
  • Periodontal examination and charting technique
  • Periodontal treatment planning and interdisciplinary care
  • Optimizing periodontal referral relationships
  • Instrument sharpening

University Consulting

A favorite advisory topic for George is improving the teaching/learning experience via efficient, practical and evidence-based chairside periodontal decision-making. George is a team player, bringing his passion and skills to University thought leaders in order to enhance both the educational experience and patient-centered outcomes.

Legal Profession Consulting

In dental malpractice cases, George is a sought after expert with a keen focus on lessening the negative impact of predatory litigation.

What Clients Are Saying

“George brings extraordinary knowledge, skill and experience to our cases. He has superior credibility, expert problem solving skills, and is a highly valued team-player. Very time efficient, and he even makes my digital presentations look fantastic! “

“He’s the best I’ve worked with in over 35 years.”

Ronald P. Goldman, Attorney at Law   Tiburon, CA

 “George is great. Evidence-based, innovative and a highly creative defense consultant/expert, he’s at ease under oath and is relatable in front of a jury. He has the added credibility that comes from being an appointed special expert to the California State Board.”

James Wager-Smith, Attorney at Law, Walnut Creek, CA

Dr. George Merijohn

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