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Licensed dental specialist George K. Merijohn is a leading clinician and educator in periodontics, and the author of Advanced Periodontal Hand Instrumentation Quick Reference Guide and co-author of the internationally acclaimed textbook Decision-Making in Periodontology. His articles on safer treatment methodologies, prevention of gingival recession, advanced minimally invasive periodontal surgery, and evidence-based decision making have been published in leading peer-reviewed journals and he is an appointed special expert of the California Dental Board.

Dr. Merijohn is an Associate Clinical Professor in postdoctoral periodontics at the University of Washington and the University of California, San Francisco, and he serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Evidence-Based Dental Practice. He is President and CEO of Aerosol Free Dentistry International (AFDI®).George Merijohn speaking to conference

He is the founder and director of Perio Access® Publishing, through which he develops state-of-the-art clinical checklists and reference guides, online gingival recession screening tools, training videos and record-keeping systems that are used throughout the United States and Canada. Dr. Merijohn received his dental degree from the University of Illinois and his specialty certificate in periodontics from the University of Washington.

As a pioneering thought leader with nearly 3 decades in private periodontal practice, he is a sought-after expert consultant and adviser to clinicians, dental schools, dental manufacturing, and the legal profession. Recognized as an authority on periodontics, aerosol-free dentistry, and aerosol-reduced methodology, Dr. Merijohn is a popular speaker and workshop leader at major dental conferences and private groups across North America. He speaks passionately about periodontal therapy, aerosol-free dentistry, ethics, the importance of evidence, business optimization and practicality in dentistry, challenging and inspiring audiences to revisit their approaches to dental therapy.

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MEDLINE, the National Library of Medicine database of indexed citations and abstracts, contains 11 of Dr. Merijohn’s articles published in peer-reviewed journals. Read more

Management and Prevention of Gingival Recession (Periodontology 2000, Vol. 71, 2016, 228-242). A complimentary copy is available upon request.

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