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Clinical Tips: Manage gum recession! Free articles for your practice

Transform your practice of dentistry

Gingival recession is part of everyday dentistry yet it presents some of the most challenging treatment considerations dentists face.

These innovative and interactive programs inspire you to change the way you practice dentistry. They are what you’ve been looking for to energize and expand your practice.

Start improving your practice today with transformative learning from Dr. Merijohn, a widely recognized leading clinician and educator in periodontics. Experience the methods that will help you exceed your patients’ expectations, and yours.


Boost your productivity, efficiency and accuracy with proven evidence-based chairside decision support guides, perio charts, and hygiene maintenance forms

The surest way to under-treat or over-treat periodontal disease and gingival recession is through inadequate records. Access all the clinical decision-making data you need at your fingertips in an easy-to-read format with the evidence-based Perio Access® Periodontal Exam and Maintenance Records.

The revolutionary Gingival Recession Checklist and Chairside Visual Guide helps you focus on triage, evaluation, planning, and patient communication. Rely on the Periodontal Examination Quick Reference Guide to standardize your practice’s periodontal exam protocol.


Sharing expertise

Innovative, science-based, practical and results oriented, George is passionate about consulting with dentists in private practices, universities, the California State Dental Board and the legal profession. George taps into his wealth of knowledge, skill and experience to exceed your expectations.


About George

Dr. Merijohn operated his San Francisco periodontal practice for 28 years, and is an assistant professor at universities, invited national speaker, author, consultant, and publisher.